Director of Jewish Life and Living

November 17, 2023

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Job Description

Ramah Berkshires is seeking a Director of Jewish Life & Living to join our Summer Leadership Team. Join our magical summer community and spend every day feeling like you made Camp and the world a better place. We can’t wait to spend the summer with you!

We are looking for an experienced, dynamic, and creative Jewish educator to oversee all elements of Jewish Life & Learning at Camp. This is a wonderful and exciting opportunity to work collaboratively with a dedicated team to enrich and enhance Jewish life and programming and make a significant impact on our Camp culture.

The Director of Jewish Life & Living must be in residence at Camp in Wingdale, NY from mid-June to mid-August. There is an opportunity for family to join you at Camp.

Beginning January 1st, there is approximately 45 hours of pre-summer work to prepare for the summer.

Compensation: $7,000-$10,000

Room & Board provided while in residence at Camp over the summer. Tuition discounts are available for campers enrolled at Camp.


Reporting to the Director and Associate Director, the Director of Jewish Life & Living will be responsible for enhancing, innovating, and increasing the integration and intentionality of Jewish education throughout Camp, including in Tefillah, experiential daily programming, and through the planning of other special programming & initiatives.

The key roles include:

Set vision and build out summer-long program, plan and curricula to set the tone of intentional innovative experiential Jewish education
Along with the Camp Director, set summer-long goals and values and content areas
Meet with summer leadership team to create buy-in and solicit feedback from key stakeholders
Play a key role in planning and leading learning and Jewish life moments during staff training

Plan daily and weekly experiential programming (Peulat Erev, Peulat Shabbat, Elective Activities) built upon core education values & goals for campers of all ages
Facilitate these programs along with Chinuch/JLL Tzevet/Team
Serve as the liaison and point person for visiting Rabbis & Educators and ensure they’re incorporated into Camp programming
Collaborate with Rashei Anaf (speciality area leaders) to incorporate Jewish learning goals into programming

Work across Camp and with Rashei Edah & Edah counselors in leading, planning and innovating their Edah’s daily and Shabbat Tefillah
Finding leaders, providing educational content and learning goals, planning facilitating special programming
Overseeing typical logistics such as preparing Torah reading, ritual supplies, siddurim, etc.

Informal Learning:
Support all staff in finding and planning intentional moments of education during informal time periods such as meals, Nikayon, Sha’at Menuchah

Camp-wide Programming:
Coordinate and plan Camp-wide learning and observances such weekly Shabbat Limmud, Tisha B’Av, Rosh Chodesh, Kabbalat Shabbat, A-Side/B-Side Tefillot, Havdalah

Supervise and manage team of up to eight other educators of various levels of experience
Oversee their planning and implementation of programming
Coordinate administrative details of schedules, supplies, printing
Serve as part of the summer leadership team to help guide and shape the overall summer experience for over 600 campers and 300 staff Members, as a Camp-wide mentor and leader