Camp Songleader

February 29, 2024

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Job Description

Camp Daisy and Harry Stein, owned and operated by Congregation Beth Israel in Scottsdale, is a unique and exciting place. A Jewish overnight summer camp nestled in the majestic Bradshaw Forest of Prescott, Arizona, it is a place where campers discover more about themselves, their abilities, & their Judaism. A summer of fun, a lifetime of memories!
We are seeking an enthusiastic individual to oversee and run music for our ritual worship and music program. This includes planning and implementation of all music activities for all age groups during cabin hours, elective periods and oversight of the “camp band.”

Skill Set:
✓ Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
✓ Competent and energetic, demonstrating a love of working with young people
✓ Displays a high level of personal and professional responsibility
✓ A caring, responsible and supportive individual
✓ Self-Starter and team player

Position Responsibilities:
• In collaboration with Rabbi, planning and leading all worship services (weekday evening, Shabbat evening and morning, Havdalah).
• Organizing and leading song sessions, both on Shabbat and occasionally during the week.
• Planning and teaching the music program for all age groups during cabin activities and elective periods.
• Supervising and mentoring music specialist(s).
• Engaging counselors and campers who are interested in songleading; leading the “camp band”
• Overseeing music area equipment, procedures, rules and availability.
• Communicating with Health Center regarding campers with special physical needs or problems, with regards to your area and observance of those needs.
• Preparing and maintaining music areas, both physically and programmatically. Ensuring that the equipment and supply storage areas are kept clean and organized and that all supplies are accounted for.
• Maintaining record of campers’ progress.
• Enabling the campers to develop new skills and talents.
• Requesting needed supplies and equipment, as well as maintenance and inventory of all equipment and supplies.
• Evaluating in writing the Music Program, Staff, and Procedures.
• Abiding by and enforcing all camp policies.
• Participating in Shmira (“on duty”) rotations, supervising cabins at night as assigned.

Position Requirements:
• Previous songleading experience in a Jewish setting.
• Experience with Reform liturgy and practices.
• Experience working with kids.
• The ability to handle stressful situations.
• Ability to have open communication with director supervisors about issues that may arise with campers and/or music program.